Lexmark CS725de Printer: A Comprehensive Review with Driver and Toner Guide

Welcome, printer enthusiasts! In today's day and age, having a reliable and efficient printer is a must-have for most businesses and homes. In this comprehensive review, we'll take a closer look at the Lexmark CS725de Printer. Not only will we cover its features, capabilities, and performance, but we'll also provide a driver and toner guide to make sure you get the most out of your investment. So, sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of the Lexmark CS725de.

Lexmark CS725de Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Printer

The Lexmark CS725de is a color laser printer designed for high volume printing in a small to medium-sized office. It is equipped with advanced features, delivers excellent print quality and is easy to use. In this review, we will take a look at this printer's design, specifications, performance, print quality, user interface, and connectivity.

Design and Specifications

The Lexmark CS725de is a sleek and compact printer with dimensions of 16.7 x 17.4 x 18.6 inches and weighs about 70 lbs. Its main feature is its large paper input capacity, which includes 550-sheet standard input and a 100-sheet multipurpose feeder. The printer also comes with a 2.4-inch color LCD display that makes it easy to navigate menu options.

One of the unique aspects of this printer is its long-life imaging system that ensures high-level performance with minimal fuss. It includes a fuser system that is designed to last up to 150,000 pages, which translates to less maintenance and fewer replacements. Additionally, the Lexmark CS725de features a powerful 1.2 GHz quad-core processor that handles print jobs with ease.

Lexmark CS725de

Performance and Print Quality

The Lexmark CS725de produces high-quality prints with sharp and vivid colors. It can print up to 50 pages per minute at a respectable resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi. The printer has a maximum monthly duty cycle of 150,000 pages, making it suitable for high-volume printing requirements.

One of the impressive features of the Lexmark CS725de is that it reduces paper waste and saves money through its two-sided printing option. This feature reduces paper usage by up to 50%, making it an excellent choice for companies that value sustainability.

User Interface and Connectivity

The Lexmark CS725de comes with several connectivity options, including Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and 1 front USB port compatible with USB drive. The printer is also AirPrint compatible, allowing users to print from their iOS devices. It has an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the printing process and allows users to navigate effortlessly between options.

The printer also comes with advanced security features such as secure printing, network security, and user authentication to make sure that sensitive data remains secure and private.


The Lexmark CS725de is an excellent printer that provides high-speed printing capabilities with excellent print quality. Its paper input capacity and large monthly printing duty cycle make it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized offices. It is also easy to use and equipped with features that make printing seamless. If you are looking for a durable and affordable printer that delivers excellent print quality, then the Lexmark CS725de is an excellent investment.

Lexmark CS725de Review Driver Manual Toner

How to Install and Update Lexmark CS725de Driver

If you have purchased a Lexmark CS725de printer, it is important to have the correct driver installed to enable the printer to perform its functions. Here is a guide on how to locate, download, and install the latest driver for your Lexmark CS725de printer:

Downloading the Driver from Lexmark website

The most traditional way of obtaining the Lexmark CS725de driver is to download it from the Lexmark website. Follow these steps to download the driver:

  1. Visit the Lexmark support website
  2. Select your product which is the Lexmark CS725de printer
  3. Choose your operating system
  4. Click on the download driver button and wait for the download process to complete
  5. Run the downloaded file to initiate the installation process.

Once the installation process is completed, your Lexmark CS725de printer will now be ready to perform its functions.

Installing the Driver Manually

If you prefer to install the driver manually on your Windows or Mac OS, here are the steps to follow:

For Windows OS:

  1. Click on the start icon on your computer and proceed to the Device Manager
  2. Select your printer which is the Lexmark CS725de in this case
  3. Right-click on the printer to open the Properties
  4. Choose the Driver tab
  5. Click on Update driver to open the update wizard and follow the prompts to complete the installation

For Mac OS:

  1. Connect your Lexmark CS725de printer to your Mac OS computer
  2. Go to the system preferences and select Printers & Scanners
  3. Click Add Printer or Scanner and choose your printer model
  4. After selecting your printer, click Use and select Lexmark as the printer driver
  5. Proceed to add the printer and you are done.

Updating the Driver Automatically

The last approach in updating the Lexmark CS725de driver is to use driver update tools that automatically download and install the latest driver version. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download and install a reputable driver update tool such as Driver Booster or Driver Easy
  2. Open the driver update tool and initiate the scanning process
  3. The tool will scan your computer for all missing or outdated drivers
  4. Select the Lexmark CS725de driver to update and click update
  5. The tool will automatically download and install the latest version of the driver.

Updating the Lexmark CS725de driver should be a seamless process with the options discussed above. Have in mind that with an updated driver, you will enjoy improved printing performance, additional features, and fewer issues with your Lexmark CS725de printer.

Toner Cartridge Options and Maintenance

The Lexmark CS725de is a high-performance color laser printer that can handle a large volume of printing tasks. One of the essential components of this printer is the toner cartridge, which produces the ink that is used to print texts and images on paper. In this section, we will discuss toner cartridge options, maintenance practices, and common issues that you may encounter using the Lexmark CS725de.

Compatible Toner Cartridges for Lexmark CS725de

Lexmark CS725de comes with a standard toner cartridge that produces up to 7,000 pages of prints before needing a replacement. However, many third-party manufacturers offer compatible toner cartridges that are more affordable and offer a higher page yield.

One of the compatible toner cartridges for Lexmark CS725de is the LD Products Compatible Lexmark 74C1S00 Black Laser Toner Cartridge. This cartridge can produce up to 3,000 pages and offers a cost savings of up to 50% compared to original Lexmark cartridges. Another compatible option is the Toner Buzz Compatible Lexmark 74C1H00 High Yield Black Laser Toner Cartridge, which can produce up to 10,000 pages and is priced significantly lower than the OEM cartridge.

While compatible toner cartridges can provide a less expensive solution, they may also have some disadvantages. For one, they may not produce the same print quality as the original cartridges. Moreover, they may also have lower page yields than advertised, which can result in more frequent replacements.

Replacing the Toner Cartridge and Maintenance Tips

Replacing the toner cartridge of Lexmark CS725de is a straightforward process. Simply open the front cover of the printer and remove the old toner cartridge. Next, take the new toner cartridge and gently shake it a few times to distribute the ink evenly. After that, remove the protective seal and insert the new cartridge into the printer. Finally, close the front cover of the printer and wait for a few minutes to allow the printer to calibrate the new cartridge.

Proper maintenance of the toner cartridge can prolong the lifespan of the printer and prevent common printing issues. One of the basic maintenance practices is to clean the printer regularly, especially the printer's interior and exterior parts. This will help remove any build-up of dirt and dust that can affect the print quality. Another maintenance tip is to store the toner cartridge in a cool, dry place to prevent any damage or clogging of the ink.

Troubleshooting Common Toner Cartridge Issues

Despite proper maintenance, you may encounter common toner cartridge issues with Lexmark CS725de. One of the typical problems is a poor print quality, which can be caused by several factors such as low toner levels, clogged nozzles, or underutilized ink. To fix this issue, you can perform a cleaning cycle or replace the toner cartridge.

Another common issue is low toner levels, which can result in less ink and faint prints. In this case, you can check the printer's toner level through the printer software and replace the toner cartridge if necessary. Finally, some error messages may appear on the printer display, indicating toner cartridge issues such as incompatible cartridges or toner leakage. To fix this problem, you can refer to the printer manual or contact the manufacturer's customer support for assistance.

In conclusion, the toner cartridge is an essential aspect of the Lexmark CS725de that requires proper maintenance and replacement. While compatible toner cartridges may offer a less expensive option, they may not produce the same print quality as the OEM cartridges. Performing basic maintenance practices and troubleshooting common toner cartridge issues can help ensure optimal print quality and prolong the printer's lifespan.